‘Spider-Man 3’: Do the Fake Titles Hint at Real Villain?

Fans have noted the color schemes might have some, uh, sinister implications

Spider-Man No Way Home trailer Peter Parker MCU

Marvel has been training fans since 2008 to pay attention to every little detail. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that fans are pretty convinced the fake “Spider-Man 3” titles the cast dropped ahead of the film’s real title reveal might still contain real clues about the movie.

Tom Holland’s third solo Spider-Man film will be called “Spider-Man: No Way Home.” But the day before announcing that title, the stars trolled fans on social media by posting some amusing fake titles: Holland joked the film would be called “Spider-Man: Phone Home”; Jacob Batalon claimed it was “Spider-Man: Home Wrecker”; and Zendaya posted “Spider-Man: Home Slice.”

Though these titles may not have been real, fans aren’t so sure that there’s nothing to be learned from them. In fact, quite a lot of fans are convinced that the colors of each one are indicative of the film’s villain. Or rather, one of the film’s villains. Because at this point, we’ve already got a few.

We know that Jamie Foxx will appear as Electro and Alfred Molina will play Doctor Octopus, and though the precise story details aren’t known, it’s widely assumed they’re reprising the versions of the characters they played in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” and “Spider-Man 2” respectively. Meaning that whatever multiverse stuff WandaVision might be setting up — and “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will definitely deal with — could also play a big role in “No Way Home.”

But Electro and Doc Ock are also charter members of Spider-Man villain team The Sinister Six, which also includes Vulture (Michael Keaton) who is still very much alive and in jail in the MCU Spider-Man franchise. That’s half of the villainous gang right there.

But we met another member of The Sinister Six in “Spider-Man: Far From Home”: Mysterio. Though he died at the end of the movie – remember, Edith confirmed it wasn’t an illusion – Marvel fans are starting think he may return. Why? Because the colors of the fake title cards were green:

Spider-Man 3 Fake Title Phone Home
Tom Holland on Instagram


Spider-Man 3 Fake Title Home Slice
Zendaya on Instagram

And silver:

Spider-Man 3 Fake Title Home-Wrecker
Jacob Batalon on Instagram

Now, let’s take a look at the color palette of Mysterio’s costume.

spider-man far from home mid credits scene explained mysterio j jonah jameson
Sony Pictures

Granted, Mysterio’s bodice and gauntlets seem to be more gold than silver, but a suit change-up has proven to be of minor consequence in the MCU. Spider-Man himself has had four at this point. So, are the colors of these fake-outs alluding to the return of Quentin Beck and his joining the Sinister Six?

Further convincing fans of Mysterio’s return is a shadow looming in one of the first photos from the set of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” – one of the only legit things to come with the fake titles. In it, Peter, MJ and Ned are all looking up at something (or someone).

Spider-Man 3 Far From Home Sequel
Spider-Man 3 Far From Home Sequel

If you look closely, there’s a shadow falling on MJ’s jacket that appears to have a distinctly rounded head. The kind of shadow a suit like this might cause:

spider-man far from home second trailer mysterio multiverse
Sony Pictures

Now, again, Mysterio is dead on this Earth. Aside from Vision on “WandaVision,” (and he’s an android, not a biological being), we’ve yet to see a case of someone resurrected from the dead. There’s always the possibility that “No Way Home” could change that. But if Mysterio really were to return, it wouldn’t be out of place to have it be a Mysterio from a different Earth.

After all, just because Quentin Beck lied about being from a different Earth at the beginning of “Far From Home,” it doesn’t mean that there isn’t another version of him out there.

Then again, the colors of those title cards could refer to someone else entirely. As one Twitter user pointed out, there’s another famous Spidey villain with a similar color palette of green, pink and silver – one that also had a run with the Sinister Six.

Lest we forget, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” did try to set up the Sinister Six itself, with Dane DeHaan’s Green Goblin included. Though Holland insists that Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire will not be showing up in “No Way Home,” it’s still possible that the movie will continue to pull from their worlds.

All that said, fans could theorize until the day’s done (and likely will), yet the colors of these title cards could mean absolutely nothing, and Marvel just has everyone whipped. Who knows?


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