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Spinal Tap Visits ‘Stonehenge’

Faux band pays tribute to monument in the seven minute iTunes short.

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the cult classic film "This is Spinal Tap," the faux band has released a new short film on iTunes, "Stonehenge: ‘Tis A Magic Place."


After putting Stonehenge on the map in their original song about the historical landmark, Nigel Tufnel, David St. Hubbins and Derek Smalls visit the monument in the seven minute short. The film, which costs $1.99, is the first original film on iTunes.


"We all jumped at the opportunity to participate in a novel and ground-breaking way with Spinal Tap," Robb McDaniels, President and Chief Executive Officer of INgrooves said in a release. "The resulting short movie is simply spectacular and the culmination of months of hard work for all involved."


The film, presented by Shorts International and INgrooves, is featured alongside the original 1984 "This Is Spinal Tap" film on iTunes and is available digitally in HD for the first time. All three of the band’s albums, including their June release "Back from the Dead," are also available for purchase.

On Sept. 1, a DVD of their recent concert tour titled "Unwigged & Unplugged: An Evening with Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer" will be released.
"We’re excited about this opportunity to partner with iTunes and INgrooves to distribute cutting-edge content to film lovers and Spinal Tap fans throughout the world," Carter Pilcher, Chief Executive of Shorts International, said.