‘Spouse House': Ashley Reacts to Tom Calling Her a ‘F–ing Moron’ After Sex (Exclusive Video)

“I realized there was no emotional intimacy,” she says on TLC unscripted series

Ashley Lauren has a lot to say to Tom about their failed relationship on Sunday’s “Spouse House” Tell All.

The exclusive sneak peek at the TLC unscripted series shows the pair weighing in on why their romance fizzled, with Ashley Lauren claiming Tom has unrealistic expectations for a significant other.

“You want someone who just fits into your life,” she tells him. “I think that Tom and I [having] had sex is what made it more difficult for me to give us up. But I realized there was no emotional intimacy. I wanted you to get to know me.”

Tom disagrees with this assessment, leading Ashley Lauren to fire back with, “You called me a f–ing moron!”

“I said some things that were not right,” Tom admits.

Check out the clip above to see Tom attempt to explain himself.

“Spouse House” airs Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.