Stanford Sexual Assault Victim Named Glamour Woman of the Year

Anonymous woman pens essay making public statement for the first time since Brock Turner’s sentencing

Brock Turner Stanford Rapist

The woman who was sexually assaulted by former Stanford University student Brock Turner has been named one of Glamour‘s women of the year.

The anonymous woman, whose powerful victim statement went viral after being published by BuzzFeed in June, also wrote an essay for the magazine. The piece marks her first public comments since her attacker was sentenced to a mere six months in jail.

“I yelled half of my statement. So when it was quickly announced that he’d be receiving six months, I was struck silent,” she wrote about Turner’s controversial sentencing. “Immediately I felt embarrassed for trying, for being led to believe I had any influence. The violation of my body and my being added up to a few months out of his summer.”

Identified by Glamour as “Emily Doe,” the victim detailed what it was like after Judge Aaron Persky handed down the sentence widely criticized for being far too lenient, and after her letter made international news.

“I started getting emails forwarded to me from Botswana to Ireland to India. I received watercolor paintings of lighthouses and bicycle earrings,” she wrote. “A woman who plucked a picture of her young daughter from the inside of her cubicle wrote, This is who you’re saving.”

The essay concludes by calling on readers to hold judges like Persky accountable and to “make it a priority to avoid harming or violating another human being.”

“If you think the answer is that women need to be more sober, more civil, more upright, that girls must be better at exercising fear, must wear more layers with eyes open wider, we will go nowhere,” she wrote.

Read the full essay at Glamour.