12 ‘Rogue One’ Gripes From ‘Star Wars’ Fans (Spoiler Alert)

“I liked K2 but for f— sakes pick a different name — K2, R2,” one Reddit user writes

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Warning: This post contains several major “Rogue One” spoilers. 

Ushering in a nearly $300 million global debut weekend, there is no doubt that fans around the world are loving “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.”

But they also have some bones to pick with the Disney and Lucasfilm prequel, as seen on a highly trafficked Reddit discussion. Most moviegoers on the thread expressed their overall approval of the film, but also felt the need to share their nitpicks.

Here are 12 “Rogue One” gripes we picked up on:

  1. “[The] beginning had a funky pace with too much introduction for too many things at once…” — no_ego_pro
  2. “All of the heroes who stole the plans have to die for continuity purposes, so why not have Vader be the one to kill them at the end?” — SalinityNow

  1. “I liked K2 but for f— sakes pick a different name — K2, R2.” — musicmann4562
  2. “I think the CGI Princess Leia looked very good but I think it could’ve been executed better by changing the positioning of the camera. Her face was VERY close to the camera, and her skin looked way too smooth and fake… If the CGI Leia shot was a mid-shot, from the waist up, it would’ve worked much better. And when it comes to Tarkin, I thought he looked very impressive, but it won’t age well. In 2 or 3 years we’ll look back on that and say the CGI looks terrible.” — Mamsies
  3. “It looks terrible now.” — mermaidfart08(in reply to Mamsies)

  1. “All of the ‘hope’ lines felt incredibly cheesy.” — daswef
  2. “Jyn had exactly one memorable moment (her hamfisted speech to the rebel council) and then nothing. Pretty disappointed in the lack of character development. It’s obvious they were trying for a guardians of the galaxy vibe that just wasn’t there.” — tinylilfungus
  3. “Am I the only one that finds it extremely lazy and stupid that the storm troopers armor is so useless? I mean I see it more in this movie then anything. How is it that a grown man wearing only ropes can survive around 2-3 shots before dying but this TRAINED solider wearing bad ass armor dies instantly if you throw a rock at them or hit them with a stick?” — GivMeJuice

  1. “It really feels like Disney got scared of a dark take on Star Wars, and then did the much publicized (and very excessive) 60 days of reshoots to try and back off from what seems to be a much darker movie that’s still poking through the seams.” — degaussyourcrt
  2. “Only a few minor gripes: the overuse of [Jyn Erso’s] nickname. I guess they thought people would forget. The robot having too many lines. He was funny, but was dangerously close to feeling forced. The repetition of “I am one with the force” got old fast. And last but not least, the cgi characters.” — kutwijf
  3. “The first hour and 15 minutes were extremely boring to me.” — Cunhabear

  1. “The film was boring for the first half.” — Vauxlient

Many of these criticisms were also met with counterarguments from fans. And there is also a strong showing of high praise, albeit some of it as cheeky as this:

“‘Rogue One’ is simply a ‘F— YOU GEORGE LUCAS’ in regards to the prequels. This is the only prequel we ever wanted.” — DeplorableCitizen

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