‘Star Wars’ Actor Peter Sumner Dies at 74

Sumner portrayed Lieutenant Pol Treidum in the franchise’s first film

Peter Sumner

Peter Sumner, who played Death Star security officer Lt. Pol Treidum in the first “Star Wars” film has died, The Sidney Morning Herald reported. He was 74.

In the original 1977 “Star Wars” film, Treidum notices two stormtroopers (Han Solo and Luke Skywalker in disguise) are not at their assigned stations and says into an intercom: “TK-421, why aren’t you at your post? TK-421, do you copy?” Later, he’s taken out by Chewbacca.

Sumner earned £60 a day for two days’ work on the film, or about $825 total today.

According to the Herald, Sumner was in England after traveling with his family when the original “Star Wars” was being cast. Sumner’s London agent told him that “this strange little American sci-fi movie” was looking for an actor to work for a couple of days, so Sumner reported to Elstree Studios and got the role, one he cherished.

“I was so moved by some of the early letters from kids who were sick and the only thing in their lives was Star Wars that I decided I’d answer every single letter,” Sumner says. “And I did,” he told the Herald last year.

Sumner returned as Treidum in the 1999 Star Wars fan film “The Dark Redemption.”

Sumner’s other acting credits include Tony Richardson’s “Ned Kelly”(1970), starring Mick Jagger. Sumner also worked on the kids show “Play School” and had regular roles on such series as “Spyforce,” “Neighbours,” “Cluedo” and “Heartbreak High.”

He is survived by his wife Lynda and their children Luke, Kate and Joanna.