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‘Star Wars’ Fans React to Ron Howard ‘Han Solo’ Takeover With ‘Arrested Development’ Jokes

Filmmaker serves as a narrator and producer on the sitcom

That didn’t take long. Just two days after Phil Lord and Chris Miller unceremoniously departed from the yet-to-be-named Han Solo “Star Wars” film, famed Hollywood veteran Ron Howard has been brought in by Lucasfilm to complete the film, with the final three weeks of shooting resuming on July 10. The fanbase’s reaction to the development has been varied.

Howard already has a distant connection to “Star Wars,” as he worked with the series creator George Lucas and Han Solo himself, Harrison Ford, on Lucas’ “American Graffiti,” something that film buffs on Twitter were quick to point out.

As for whether Howard is the right man to pick up the slack on this “Star Wars” anthology film, no one is really sure. Some feel that Howard’s pedigree will help guide the film to completion. Others feel that Howard’s approach to filmmaking is so different from Lord and Miller’s that it may be a sign Lucasfilm doesn’t know what they want this film to be.

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But mostly, fans reacted to the hire by flooding Twitter with “Arrested Development” jokes.