‘Star Wars’ vs ‘Star Trek’ Debate Leads to Assault Arrest, Police Say

Oklahoma City man accused of choking out another guy during violent nerd showdown

Spock Star Tre kHan Solo Star Wars

The fan-boy wars have begun. Or at least, have been taken to a new level.

An argument over the relative merits of “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” led to an assault arrest earlier this month.

According to the Oklahoma City Police Department, Jerome DeWayne Whyte was arrested for assault and battery on July 1 after arguing with another man about whether “Star Wars” or “Star Trek” is better.

Whyte, 23, was also arrested for assault and battery, as well as for outstanding warrants.

According to a police report obtained by TheWrap, the argument “about whether ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Star Trek’ was a better movie” began in the living area of a facility where the men both reside.

Police said that the victim became so frustrated that he “went back to his room and stated ‘You’re just a trick’” to Whyte.

The report states that Whyte then allegedly followed the victim to his room and shoved him “down to the ground.”

The victim rose and said, “You wanna replay that?” After which, police said, Whyte again shoved the victim to the ground and “began to choke the victim” with his left arm wrapped around the victim’s neck.

According to police, the victim “went in and out of consciousness” as a result of the choking.

The report states that the victim, “fearing for his life,” reached for a pocket knife on his night stand and opened it. Whyte then reached for the knife and “somehow cut his hand,” the report states, prompting him to walk out of the room.

Whyte was subsequently transported to Oklahoma County Jail, where he hopefully had time to cool his heels and realize that “Spaceballs” is better than both “Star Wars” and “Star Trek.”