Trevor Noah Rips Fans Boycotting ‘Star Wars’ Over Diversity: ‘Stop Complaining, Racists’ (Video)

“Daily Show” host promises John Boyega’s leading man is more concerned with the evil Empire than Fox’s “Empire”

Trevor Noah Daily Show

Trevor Noah had some fun on Tuesday mocking a minority of “Star Wars” fans who are crying about reverse racism over the upcoming sequel’s diverse casting — or as the “Daily Show” host called it, the “intergalactic affirmative action.”

“Stop complaining, racists,” Noah said. “You had your ‘Star Wars’ movie already,” revealing a photo of much-maligned CGI character Jar Jar Binks.

Noah then continued the sight gag, saying Stormtrooper Finn (leading man John Boyega) — who happens to be black — is currently more concerned with the Lucasfilm franchise’s evil Empire than Fox’s hit hip-hop soap opera, “Empire.”

The new Comedy Central host then took a moment to make fun of “Force Awakens” writer/director J.J. Abrams‘ Twitter habits, before passing the segment off to senior fantasy culture correspondent Jordan Klepper, who kept the nerd rage flowing.

Watch the video: