Starbucks, Fox News Kick Off War on Christmas With Ballistic Mistletoe: Wrap Trends (Video)

TheWrap’s Jordan Burchette takes aim at the skirmish over secularizing the holiday season

How soon is too soon for the War on Christmas? According to Fox News, the answer might be never.

It’s not even Thanksgiving, but the cable news channel is already waging 2015’s first attack — the one coming from their morning grande, nonfat soy latte with no foam. That’s right, Starbucks is apparently anti-Christmas.

The network’s hosts are taking aim at the ubiquitous coffee franchise over this year’s design of the annual seasonal cups, which debuted last month. The cups, which in previous years were decorated with Christmas-themed images, now feature a simple red design.

The news of this holiday red-washing has riled up conservatives, including both “Fox & Friends” guest Larry Gatlin, who called for a movement to write “Merry Christmas” on the company’s cups, and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who called for a boycott entirely.

So is Starbucks trying to ruin Christmas? Or is Fox News overreacting? Or is it still only the second week of November and way too early to be having this discussion in the first place? Watch the latest Wrap Trends for more!

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