State of New Jersey to MTV: ‘Jersey Shore’ a ‘One-Dimensional Portrayal’

Jersey Shore Convention and Visitors Bureau responds to reality show’s guido-filled premiere

MTV’s absurd new reality show "Jersey Shore" — soon to be America’s favorite guilty pleasure — had its premiere Thursday night. Ratings for the two-hour debut are not available quite yet, but based on the Twitter-fueled buzz, I’m guessing they’re going to be huge, at least for an MTV show. (UPDATE: Ratings are here, and they’re good!)

One person who caught the premiere was Daniel Cappello, executive director of the Jersey Shore Convention and Visitors Bureau, a non-profit "charged with the marketing and promotion of New Jersey’s Monmouth and Ocean Counties as a premier travel destination" funded via a grant from the New Jersey Department of Travel & Tourism.

Cappello, as you might expect, wasn’t terribly appreciative of MTV’s "one-dimensional," guido-filled portrayal, and on Friday fired off a response:


December 4, 2009


“We’re flattered that MTV thinks we’re an interesting enough destination to warrant an entire reality series,” said Cappello. “But the national TV audience is hardly getting the full story.

“MTV is providing a one-dimensional, dramatized version of a very small group of visitors’ summer experiences in one Jersey Shore town. We have many spectacular ocean and bay beaches in Monmouth and Ocean County, from the Atlantic Highlands down to Long Beach Island, and countless choices for people of all ages and walks of life to enjoy year-round.

“The Jersey Shore’s world-renowned legacy speaks for itself. There’s a reason why millions of people have made us their primary vacation destination for two centuries. People who escape to other destinations once in their lives return to the Jersey Shore for a wholesome family experience year after year, from generation to generation. We welcome visitors to come here, even during the holiday season, to enjoy a cultural diversity that in no way reflects what is seen on MTV.”


Oh, and if you would like to "learn more about the fantastic travel experiences awaiting on the Jersey Shore, go to"

MTV’s ‘Guido’-Filled Promo for ‘Jersey Shore’