Stealth Media Group Co-Producing ‘The Devil’s Banker’

The thriller involves high finance, the Vatican and the mob

Stealth Media Group will co-produce the thriller "The Devil's Banker," the London-based company said at the Cannes Film Festival.

Stealth will also structure financing, as well as package and sell the $30 million film to international buyers.

"The Devil's Banker" depicts a political scandal that involves both the Mafia and the Catholic Church. These powerful institutions cause headaches for a British police Inspector investigating a murder in Rome.

Stealth describes it as an unlikely — some might even say unholy — hybrid of such past films as “The Name of the Rose” and “Wall Street”.

The original novel and screenplay is by Gary Van Haas, with Patrick Q. Roberts as associate script writer. 

Ross Boyask, who heads up Stealth's production and development team, will serve as executive producer along with Stealth’s Chief Officer Michael Cowan. Stealth will be co-producing the film in cooperation with Cinema Arts Group. 

Stealth says it hopes to start production in 2013.