Ex-Friend of Melania Trump Says She’s Working With Investigators on Potential Inauguration Crimes (Video)

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff has a book out about the first family Tuesday

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former friend of first lady Melania Trump whose book on the first family drops Tuesday, said Monday she is working with investigators to look into potential financial crimes tied to President Donald Trump’s 2017 inauguration.

Winston Wolkoff, who famously produced numerous Met Galas, was tasked by the first lady to work on the inauguration. Their friendship dissolved afterward over disputes related to the finances and reports on the event. Further details will be available Tuesday when “Melania & Me” is released.

“It was amateur hour then, and it’s amateur hour now, and I think it’s really frightening for our country,” Winston Wolkoff told ABC News’ Linsey Davis in an interview that premiered Monday. ABC News did note that the Department of Justice has subpoenaed records from the inaugural committee, though it is still unclear where any federal investigations stand.

She declined to respond to reports that she has audio tapes of conversations with Trump, who was one of her best friends for a decade and a half. Instead, she said simply, “I can back up everything that’s in the book 100%.”

Then, she added, “and Donald and Melania know that.”

Winston Wolkoff said the Trump family White House is “filled with friction, suspicion, deceit, deception” and discussed the first lady’s interest in privacy and maintaining an air of mystery at all times with Davis.

Watch the interview above.


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