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Stephen Colbert Apologizes to Bill O’Reilly, Defends Vietnam War (Video)

”The Colbert Report“ host devastated over hurting Papa Bear

There’s a feud brewing between master and apprentice across the cable news-sphere.

Earlier this week, Bill O’Reilly ripped into Stephen Colbert for lampooning the Fox News commentator’s remarks about income inequality, calling him a “darling of the far left internet” and a “deceiver.”

On Thursday’s edition of “The Colbert Report,” Colbert said he considered himself O’Reilly’s disciple and expressed his dismay over having found himself on the wrong side of his conservative icon.

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“If I thought for one second that something I said hurt Papa Bear’s feelings than I too am hurt and to be honest, a little turned on,” Colbert confessed.

Bill O’Reilly and I have a mutual appreciation society,” he added. “I admire Bill and so does he.”

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O’Reilly didn’t just stop with Colbert. He gave a fascinating history lesson into the origins of American un-exceptionalism.

On his program, the Fox News pundit attributed the country’s decline to a culture of grievance that encompasses gays, the poor and minority groups that want their piece of the action. It was a nation of whiners that first sprung up around the time of the Vietnam War, he said.

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“Bill and I know it was crucial to fight that war,” Colbert said. “Can you imagine what would have happened to America if we hadn’t gone to war in Vietnam? That means no ‘Forest Gump’ and therefore no Bubba Gump Shrimp Shack mac ‘n’ cheese, and I’m sorry but that’s not an America I want to live in.”

Watch the video: