Stephen Colbert Blames His Wife for Jokes About Samuel Alito Flying ‘Stop the Steal’ Flag | Video

“I just came home and the jokes were there. I had nothing to do with those jokes!” the CBS host says

After Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito was outed for flying the American flag upside down — a symbol adopted by the “Stop the Steal” believers — at his home in 2020, he was quick to brush it off by blaming his wife. On Monday night’s episode of “The Late Show,” Stephen Colbert took a page out of Alito’s book.

According to Alito, his wife put up the flag in response to a neighbor who displayed a “F— Trump” sign on their lawn, and when she confronted said neighbor, she was called a “c—.”

“OK, that is not nice. But if someone calls you the C-word, putting up an insurrection flag — not the response,” Colbert said. “‘Oh, you were rude to my wife? Well, we’re Nazis now!’”

Colbert also pointed out that Justice Alito didn’t act quickly to take the flag down, as neighbors said it was there for several days. But what angered the late night host more is that employees of the Supreme Court are warned against any public displays of their own views.

“But that doesn’t affect Alito, because the Supreme Court serves as an arbiter of its own behavior. So, different rules apply to the justices and to their staff. Why?” Colbert asked in disgust. “I wouldn’t want to go to a restaurant with a sign that says ‘Employees must wash hands, but manager can pee in your soup.’”

At that point though, Colbert opted to move on with his monologue. But, before he did, he offered a disclaimer to the audience.

“By the way, if you didn’t like those jokes, they were my wife’s idea,” Colbert said, mocking Alito one more time. “I just came home and the jokes were there. I had nothing to do with those jokes!”

You can watch Stephen Colbert’s full monologue in the video above.


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