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Stephen Colbert Blasts Obamacare Equality, Likens Female Reproductive Organs to Chicago Bulls Logo (Video)

The ”Colbert Report“ host cannot accept the Affordable Care Act’s gender blind premiums

Stephen Colbert continues to find holes in the Affordable Care Act, or as it’s commonly known, “Barackacare.”

OK, maybe he’s the only one who calls it that. But the Comedy Central host and ultra-conservative character has found another glaring error in the flawed system: Men, who go to the doctor less often than women, will pay the same premium as the fairer sex.

“Under Obamacare, men will pay the same amount as women, and yet we still don’t get to pass a cantaloupe with toenails through our genitals,” Colbert deadpanned Monday.

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Not only are our bodies different, men and women generally have different attitudes towards visiting the doctor, experts say.

And then there is the following example, in which Colbert used “Fox and Friends” Gretchen Carlson’s recent diagnosis against her: “Women get bitten by an insect they get Lyme disease, a man gets bitten by an insect he becomes a superhero,” Colbert said, criticizing the morning host for not turning into Spider-Man.

Colbert then compared women’s reproductive organs to the Chicago Bulls logo, which is more accurate than it might seem.

Watch the video: