Stephen Colbert Brags About White House State Dinner Invitation

Find out why “The Colbert Report” host is France’s first lady

Stephen Colbert is as quick as anyone to flambé President Barack Obama, but the two men put politics aside this week for the White House State Dinner.

“The Colbert Report” host gushed to his audience that he had scored a coveted invite to the Beltway’s hottest event.

“This was the state dinner to be invited to because it was in honor of French president and thoughtful croissant, Francois Hollande,” Colbert said.

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And Colbert scored an unexpected honor. Washington, D.C.’s chattering social class had been all aflutter about who Hollande would bring as his date. The French leader is embroiled in a scandal after news broke that he had cheated on former French first lady Valerie Trierweiler with a younger actress. That meant Hollande was forced to go stag.

So who would score the seat on Michelle Obama’s right that is usually reserved for the wives and partners of the guest of honor? It turned out the lucky lady was … Stephen Colbert.

“Ladies and gentleman, I’m the first lady of France,” Colbert said. “Merci.”

“Every first lady has her initiatives … mine will be reviving the guillotine and finally bringing Jean Valjean to justice,” he added.

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