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Stephen Colbert Is a Cockfighting ‘Cockthusiast’ (Video)

Where MMA meets KFC

Stephen Colbert is finger-lickin’ furious at a Louisiana law that would close loopholes in a state cockfighting ban.

“Cockfighting is like mixed martial arts meets KFC’s mixed grill bucket,” the “Colbert Report” host explained Wednesday. “Unfortunately, for cockthusiasts like myself, I have some bad cock-a-doodle-news, ’cause there’s a new anti-cockfighting bill in Louisiana.”

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It’s the second consecutive night Colbert has fought for chickens’ rights. On Tuesday, he asked a California congressman why wants to keep Chinese chickens from entering the U.S.

On Wednesday, he stood up for chickens’ right to fight and kill one another.

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“First it’s cockfighting, now chicken boxing,” he said. “Am I going to have to close my chicken dojo? What’s next, no more poultry jousting?”

Watch the video: