Stephen Colbert Examines the GOP’s Self-Disapproval: ‘Nausea More Popular Than Congress’ (Video)

27 GOP representatives already “disapprove” of voting to raise the debt ceiling, leaving Colbert to determine “Republicans may not be bipartisan, but they may be bipolar.”

Stephen Colbert contended that nausea is more popular than Congress after the government shutdown, and nobody is more disappointed in the nation’s representatives than 27 Republicans themselves.

“Just thinking about what’s going on on Capitol Hill makes people nauseas. Nausea, by the way, more popular than Congress,” Colbert said on Wednesday’s “Colbert Report” on Comedy Central. “And Republicans in Congress are the most-least popular. One reason is that they disappointed their base by voting to raise the debt ceiling on the flimsy excuse of avoiding a galactic economic meltdown.”

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27 GOP Congress members have already agreed with their constituents and “disapprove” of the vote they cast to end the government shutdown, which led Colbert to believe “Republicans may not be bipartisan, but they may be bipolar.”

“And these brave 27 statesmen, led by Mitch McConnell, took this stand for the noblest of reasons: To get re-elected,” Colbert concluded. “And I for one can’t wait for the campaign ads — so I didn’t.”

If only more political campaign ads could be like the ones Colbert masterminds. You’re going to want to watch it (above).