Stephen Colbert Was Extra Baffled By Trump on Wednesday: ‘He’s Coming For Your Guns!’ (Video)

“Well, he’s finally doing something Obama never did,” Colbert said in his “Late Show” monologue

Last Updated: March 1, 2018 @ 6:46 AM

Stephen Colbert has spent the past couple years being bewildered by Donald Trump on TV every night, but Colbert may have reached a new level of onscreen befuddlement Wednesday as he tried to comprehend Trump’s actions from that afternoon.

“The way I do my job is I make myself aware of what happened today. Whatever he’s talking about. Then I try to make sense of it for you, with some jokes. Then we can all go to sleep!” Colbert said in his “Late Show” monologue. “Well I know I’m gonna be staring a hole in the ceiling tonight because I have no explanation for what happened this afternoon.”

Colbert then showed a series of clips of Trump being combative with Republican congressmen, saying they’re too afraid of the NRA to do anything about gun violence and then also claiming that the reason gun reform wasn’t passed during the Obama Administration was because Obama wouldn’t allow it.

“I distinctly remember how the Republicans were begging Obama to sign the GOP gun control bill, but Obama couldn’t get it done because Americans demanded to keep their guns to shoot down all the flying pigs,” Colbert quipped.

His further attempts to break down this whole thing, but Trump’s apparent betrayal of his allies in Congress was simply too confusing and surprising, especially when he pointed out that the GOP would never pass any kind of gun reform bill if they tried to bundle in a provision allowing concealed carry across state lines.

“I’ve gotta give credit to Donald Trump,” Colbert said. “I never thought he’d go there. But not only did he go there, he went way past there — to a place no one had a ticket for!”

“Well, he’s finally doing something Obama never did,” he said. “He’s coming for your guns!”