Stephen Colbert to Fight ENDA Bill By Firing LGBT Employees – and Mermaids (Video)

The Comedy Central character demands his right to automatically toss the employment applications of hermaphro-trouts

Stephen Colbert needs to hurry up and fire all “Report” employees that don’t share his highly specific personal sexual preference: tall women carrying heavy things.

The conservative character reacted Thursday to the Senate passing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which prohibits employers to discriminate against members of the LGBT community. While Colbert is still trying to work out the acronym, the American Family Association warns of a slippery slope.

“Luckily, this ENDA bill only applies to companies with 15 or more employees,” Colbert explained. “So you’re safe for now, 14 Bigots Moving and Storage.”

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The Comedy Central host does not like the government meddling in his affairs. Plus, ENDA is just the beginning.

“Today it’s transgendered people, tomorrow the government will tell me I can’t fire a mermaid; oh I’m sorry, excuse me — a hermaphro-trout,” Colbert self-corrected.

Watch the clip: