Stephen Colbert Gets the Donald Trump Bump: Wrap Trends (Video)

TheWrap’s Jordan Burchette names winners and lose-ahs in the GOP candidate’s late-night showdown

Donald Trump made an appearance on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” on Tuesday, giving the new CBS late night host a chance to hear in person the vague, crazed ramblings the presidential candidate has been repeating ad nauseam since June.

Following Trump’s reiteration of his plan to build a wall funded by Mexico, the host suggested his own alternative: “Two walls … in between, a moat filled with fire and fire-proof crocodiles.”

Failing almost admirably to acknowledge any of the jokes Colbert peppered throughout the interview, Trump got an opportunity to put the Obama birther question to rest. Instead, the GOP frontrunner dodged it, simply saying that he doesn’t discuss it any more.

Colbert closed out the interview by reading Trump a few choice quotes, challenging his guest to figure out whether he or Colbert’s conservative Comedy Central alter ego were responsible for them.

Among the passages: “I apologize for being perfect,” “It’s freezing and cold in New York, we need global warming” and “Medicare is like a nice set of cufflinks. Nobody wears cufflinks anymore.”

So did Colbert go too easy on Trump or is the candidate just deft at dodging questions? Watch the latest Wrap Trends to find out!

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