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Stephen Colbert Goes Undercover at Comic-Con to Sell Fake Superhero Hawkcat (Video)

And a Christian banana who died for Jesus

If you wondered who or what that weird Hawkcat thing was roaming San Diego Comic Con this year, it was Stephen Colbert.

The “Colbert Report” host revealed the undercover mission to raise awareness for his fake comic book character during Wednesday’s episode.

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“Prince Hawkcat is a character everyone can relate to – half hawk, half cat, whole prince,” Colbert said while introducing the segment (above). “All I have to do is slap together a move based on this thing, and get those tickets into sweaty nerd hands worldwide. What better place to do market research than the mecca of sci-fi branding and dweed-on-dweeb dry humping?”

Unfortunately for Colbert’s budding brand, nobody particularly cared for or recognized Hawkcat on the street, but he did manage to get a minor crowd when he set up a booth to pitch the movie.

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He hit “pay dirt” when he ditched Hawkeye for a talking, time-traveling banana, “Manana.”

“It’s got a Christian message,” Colbert told the crowd. “It’s the story of Jesus Christ told through the point of view of a banana.”

Listen to Colbert create the crazy plot on the spot, below: