Stephen Colbert Interrupts Obama (Video)

Colbert blames Obama for Daily Caller reporter Neil Munro's "POTUS interruptus"

Stephen Colbert thinks President Obama deserves some of the blame for Daily Caller reporter Neil Munro interrupting him mid-speech Friday as he announced a new immigration policy.

Munro told the Daily Caller that the reason he shouted a question at Obama in the middle of his speech was because "it's hard to know when he's about to end." Colbert agreed, saying Obama's long pauses can feel like endings. 

Colbert also showed a clip of himself — dressed like Munro — showing up at the White House to heckle Obama. And he used Mexican food metaphors to note how completely the interruption had overshadowed the actual subject of Obama's speech: His administration will let some children of illegal immigrants remain in this country, under certain conditions.

"The president announcing that he is using his executive power to unilaterally stop enforcing the law was small enchiladas compared to the big news burrito this weekend," Colbert said. "That the president was interrupted during the interruption of his new policy."

Watch the video: