Stephen Colbert Is Positively Delighted the Proud Boys Are Mad at Him (Video)

Colbert also jokingly throws Joe Scarborough under the bus

On Wednesday’s “The Late Show,” Stephen Colbert was very, very happy to learn that the leader of the “violent fascists” known as The Proud Boys is mad at him, and had lots of fun mocking him. But just in case, Colbert also jokingly used MSNBC host Joe Scarborough as a virtual human shield. All in good fun of course.

So, Joseph Biggs, who has been identified as the leader of the right wing extremist group, has been indicted for his role in the deadly Jan. 6, 2021 assault on the Capitol incited by Donald Trump. But his lawyers this week argued that the trial should be moved to another jurisdiction, citing unfavorable media coverage as well as the ongoing Jan. 6 commission hearings.

Biggs’ lawyer said in part that Biggs cannot get a fair trial in “media-obsessive Washington, D.C.” because of “the increased and unquestionable spectacular 24/7 negative press and media coverage about the fraternity known as the Proud Boys, from Morning Joe to Stephen Colbert‘s Late Show.”

After reading that quote during his monologue, Colbert took a minute to bask in cheering from the in-studio audience. Then, faking tears, he said “you know folks, I do a lot of jokes about the violent fascists. But, to hear that even one of them noticed? I… I feel so seen! You hate me, you really hate me.”

“They want to move the trial to some place where The Proud Boys have a better reputation,” Colbert continued. “Like 1930s Berlin.”

Then Colbert noted that Newsweek attempted, but failed to reach his reps for comment about the statement. So he provided one of his own: “While this is high profile case, in our justice system the accused is of course innocent until proven guilty. So I want everyone in the potential jury pool to hear me when I say, you are going to jail, you neo-numbnut.”

“And if you don’t like it,” Colbert continued, “you can come and get me. My name is Joe Scarborough, and I love coffee. Welcome to the monkey house, brother.”

You can watch the whole monologue above. The stuff we focused on for this post kicks in about 5 minutes in. It’s all worth watching if only for when Colbert calls Biggs “worst case scenario David Cross.”