Colbert Says Jack Smith Is Perfect for Trump Special Counsel: ‘Has Experience Dealing With Disasters That Peaked in the ’90s’ (Video)

Smith, a former prosecutor with experience investigating war crimes, will take the reins on Trump’s ongoing Jan. 6 and Mar-a-Lago investigations

“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert believes that trouble is brewing for former president Donald Trump after the Department of Justice appointed Jack Smith as special counsel.

He enthused Monday night that Smith has a “hell of a resume.”

“To take this assignment, he had to leave his current assignment at The Hague, where he investigated war crimes in Kosovo,” Colbert said. “So he’s perfect to go after the ex-president – he already has experience with disasters that peaked in the ’90s.” 

Smith has been tasked with taking over the Jan. 6 and Mar-a-Lago investigations.

Colbert proceeded to take aim at former Attorney General Bill Barr, who recently told PBS’ Firing Line that he believes that there is “a basis for legitimately indicting” Trump.

“I personally think, I can’t go through this again Bill Barr. I had my heart broken before by you Bill Barr after you redacted the Mueller report,” he joked. “Well, you can’t redact my feelings!”

“It’s always Mueller time in here,” he added, pointing at his heart.

Trump recently told Fox News that he would “not partake” in the special counsel investigation, calling it the “worst politicization of justice.”

“Oh, he doesn’t want to partake. You know what, I’m no lawyer, but I didn’t realize that was one of the options,” Colbert quipped. “The suspect does not want to partake in the investigation. Your honor, while admittedly the prosecution does have overwhelming evidence of his guilt, my client is not feeling it.”

Watch Colbert’s full monologue above.