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Colbert Likens Justice Department Finally Investigating Trump to Coworker Finally Discovering ‘Game of Thrones’ (Video)

But thankfully, there were no “Winter is coming” jokes

Stephen Colbert called out the Justice Department’s decision to finally announce an investigation into former president Donald Trump on Thursday’s “The Late Show,” likening the legal body to that coworker who is only just now discovering “Game of Thrones.”

“There’s bad news for former president Kermit the Fraud,” Colbert said, opening the theme during his monologue, and giving Trump another new nickname. “Turns out the Justice Department is investigating the former president’s actions in their January 6 criminal probe.”

Colbert had to take a moment for his audience to stop cheering over the news, but when he did, he called the Justice Department out.

“It is about damn time,” he said. “At this point the investigators are like the last person at the office to catch onto a popular TV show. ‘So get this, guys – there are dragons. But they hardly ever show them. There’s lots of nudity. I’m really looking forward to the Red Wedding episode. I am so happy for Rob Stark. He deserves all the love. Everyone in the family is going to be there.’”

The “Late Show” host also dug into the language being used around the investigation, pointing out some inconsistencies.

“According to people familiar with the investigation, they’re pursuing two potential crimes. The first centers on seditious conspiracy and conspiracy to obstruct a government proceeding. The second is potential fraud associated with a false electoral scheme. Potential fraud?” Colbert asked. “It’s the ‘false electors scheme.’ You generally don’t call something a ‘scheme’ and ‘false’ if it’s on the level. No one’s ever said, ‘Barbara, accept this ring and I promise to love you forever as part of my false marriage scheme.”

You can watch Colbert’s full monologue above, with the Justice Department bit about 2 minutes in.