Stephen Colbert Mauls New York’s Selfies-With-Tigers Ban (Video)

PIctures with tigers may soon be illegal in the state

Stephen Colbert says New York City, the epicenter of overreaching policies, has gone too far with its ban on selfies with tigers.

In addition to New York City’s limits on trans fats, massive sodas, guns and cigarettes, both houses of the New York State legislature have now passed a ban on taking pictures of yourself with a tiger.

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“The overreach has reached too over,” Colbert said on Tuesday’s “Colbert Report.”

Why the ban? Because tigers have become a meme in dating app profile pictures. “Some Tinder users estimate they encounter tigers in one out of every 10 profiles they view,” The Wall Street Journal reported last month.

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“One in ten! I had no idea there were that many tigers still left out there,” Colbert said. “This is how endangered species can save themselves. By helping us get laid. Sorry dodo, but your terrible wings make you a terrible wingman.”

Colbert tried to explain the appeal of tiger selfies: “Ladies love a man who cuddles up with big game cats. It shows your spontaneous and don’t overthink things.”

Watch the video: