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Stephen Colbert Mocks Jeremy Irons’ Gay Marriage Comments (Video)

Irons says fathers and sons might marry to avoid taxes

Stephen Colbert says Jeremy Irons' son should be on the lookout for a marriage proposal — from his dad.

The Oscar-winning "Borgias" actor said in a HuffPost Live interview that while he doesn't have strong feelings either way about same-sex marriage, he's concerned that men could marry their sons to avoid paying death taxes when they pass on their worldly possessions.

"If I wanted to pass on my estate without death duties I could marry my son and pass on my estate to him," Irons reasoned.

That had Colbert hearing wedding bells on Thursday's "Colbert Report." He gave some advice to Irons' son, Max.

"You've been together for 27 years," Colbert said. "It's time to put a ring on it."

Irons also had some interesting comments about dogs in the Huffington Post interview. But Irons is prone to saying silly things off the cuff. In a January press junket, he repeatedly dismissed "Downton Abbey," adding that he's never actually watched it.

Watch the video: