Stephen Colbert Explains the ‘Only Thing More Shocking’ to Find in Trump’s Bedroom Than Classified Documents: ‘A Current Wife’ | Video

“The Late Show” host is “thrilled” he doesn’t have to talk about the ex-president’s New York fraud trial

Stephen Colbert told his audience on Wednesday’s “The Late Show” that he was “thrilled” to not have to talk about Donald Trump’s ongoing New York City fraud trail — since the trial is on pause for the rest of the week.

That freed Colbert up to talk about other Trump-related news — and identify the one thing more shocking to find in the ex-president’s bedroom than even more classified documents. He also took yet another potshot at the CBS series “Tracker,” which was fun.

“Donald Trump’s classified documents trial, that one baby is really heating up,” Colbert said during his monologue. “Turns out that scandal is exactly much worse than we could have thought, because we just learned that his lawyers found classified documents in Donald Trump’s bedroom, four months after the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago.”

“Oh my God, the only thing more shocking to find in Donald Trump’s bedroom would be a current wife,” Colbert added.

“These documents spent as much as four months right next to Donald Trump’s bed,” he continued. “Explains why the stamp changed from classified to ‘kill me.’”

Colbert then brought the audience up to speed on how a U.S. district judge last year laid into Trump for this, adding, “Now, to be fair, Trump rarely goes into his bedroom. As we’ve recently learned, he does most of the sleeping in court.”

Further into the monologue, Colbert joked about the latest lie Trump told supporters about the raid to recover classified documents.

“There was one detail the conservatives have jumped on just to try to change the subject. The search warrant for the second raid down at Mar-a-Lago had language authorizing the use of deadly force ‘in appropriate circumstances,’ which is boilerplate procedural texts used by the FBI,” he said.

“Which obviously I know because I work at CBS, home of “FBI,” “FBI: Most Wanted,” “FBI: International” and “FBI: Tracker,” Colbert joked. “Tracker: He’ll find four more FBI shows.”

Watch Colbert’s full “Late Show” monologue in the video above.


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