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Stephen Colbert Praises Canada’s Real-Life ‘John McClane’ Kevin Vickers and Sings His National Anthem (Video)

The sergeant-at-arms who shot and killed a shooter in the House of Commons last week inspired Colbert to issue an apology to our neighbors in the north

Stephen Colbert honored Canadian hero Kevin Vickers, the House of Commons’ sergeant-at-arms who took down a lone gunman last week, by asserting he’s the real-life version of “Die Hard” cop John McClane.

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“To Hell with Bruce Willis,” Colbert said. “This Canadian just put the “ay” and  in ‘yippee ki yay motherf–ker.”

As far as American action hero comparisons go, that’s about as high as they get.

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And the praise didn’t stop there. Vickers’ heroism inspired the “Colbert Report” host to apologize for past transgressions and even broke out the country’s National Anthem.

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“Folks, I have not been this moved by something Canadian since the return of ‘Degrassi.’ And I can not believe I am saying this, but I was wrong about Canada,” Colbert admitted. “I have said something awful things about you over the years.

“I’ve said you were nothing but maple-sucking moose hunters. I’ve said you were a bunch of beaver-stroking iceholes. But now I know that you are steely-eyed, snowball, Jon Woo diving shitkickers, who not only take out the trash — but also the recycling.”

Watch Colbert’s full apology above.