Stephen Colbert Rips His Own Network for Hiring Mick Mulvaney: ‘What the F—‘ CBS? (Video)

The “Late Show” host ripped into his own network over the decision to bring on the former Trump White House staffer

“The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert had just one question for his network after hearing CBS News had hired Donald Trump’s former chief of staff Mick Mulvaney for analysis: “What the f—?”

During Thursday night’s monologue, Colbert dove into the topic of CBS News hiring Mulvaney to “provide political analysis across the network’s broadcasts and platforms.”

“For more, we go to the ‘Late Show’s’ own media analyst, Stephen Colbert. Stephen, your thoughts?” Colbert said, as he turned to the side and the camera angle switched.

“What the f—,” “analyst” Stephen Colbert replied to loud cheers from the studio audience.

Colbert then did a deep dive into all the reasons Mulvaney isn’t a good match for a position with a news team.

“I, for one, can’t wait to hear Mulvaney’s trenchant and objective political analysis considering that back in 2020, he suggested that coronavirus was the media hoax of the day and after his boss extorted Zelenskyy for dirt on the Bidens, he said, ‘Get over it,’” Colbert recounted.

He also reminded the audience that days after the election, Mulvaney said that if Trump lost the 2020 election, he would “concede gracefully,” which is not what happened when Trump lost.

“Is Mick Mulvaney psychic? Get this man to Vegas! He’s Nostra-dumbass,” Colbert said.

“So, obviously I’m just joking, but why would the Tiffany Network’s venerable news division put this craven toady to a tyrant on their payroll?” he asked.

Colbert then sourced a Washington Post story that reported a CBS News exec hired the former chief of staff as they think Republicans will take over, possibly in the next midterm elections, and it would help provide access to both sides.

“That’s right! They’re not just reporting the news anymore, they’re predicting it now — and reworking our programming in the hopes of cozying up the GOP. So get ready for our new spring lineup: ‘Young QShaman,’ ‘Bob Restricts the Reproductive Rights of Abishola,’ and ‘Blue Bloods,’” Colbert said.

He ended his monologue by bringing in “Mulvaney” for a satellite segment, cutting to a video of a melting horror-esque face.