Stephen Colbert Seethes Over ‘Former Friend’ Seth Meyers’ Interview With Biden | Video

The “Late Show” host questions why the president previously turned down his invitation

Stephen Colbert got snippy — and perhaps a little jealous — Tuesday over his fellow late night host Seth Meyers’ interview with President Joe Biden the night prior, despite previously inviting the commander-in-chief to come on “The Late Show.”

Biden made a surprise stop at Meyers’ studio on Monday in commemoration of the show’s 10th anniversary, and his visit ended up as one of the gags in Colbert’s opening monologue the next night as he discussed the politician’s ongoing response to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

“Apparently, the Biden administration is optimistic about a cease-fire deal soon. The odd thing is how we found out about it,” Colbert said. “Last night, Biden appeared on ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’ — and I, for one, am so happy for my dear friend Seth that he had the president on his show — even though we have invited him here to the Ed Sullivan Theater.”

That’s when the host joked that perhaps the president did take him up on the invite — he just got lost on his way.

“I do not, is he over there? I don’t see him,” Colbert said. “He’s not here, and he’s not with you — uh, keep looking. You know, maybe he’s lost! He is so very, very old.”

“See what you made me do, Joe? You see? Hurt people hurt people,” the host continued. “Anyway, so the president not only sat down for an interview with my former friend Seth, but they went out to an ice cream shop where a reporter asked the president this.”

He then showed a clip of a reporter asking Biden about when he thinks a cease-fire would begin, to which Biden said he hopes by the “end of the weekend” but that his national security team said there’s more that needs to be done with the matter.

“That’s a very statesman-like response, and a reason to kindle hope — if he hadn’t said it directly into a scoop of mint chip. ‘It’s time to bring peace to a region that has known far too much … tragedy,” Colbert said as he acted like he was licking a scoop of ice cream.

Watch Colbert’s full “Late Show” monologue in the video above.


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