Stephen Colbert Tells Female Voters to Dig the GOP ‘Sausage Fest’ (Video)

Comedy Central host is puzzled that women are not embracing Republicans

The Republican Party is suffering from some serious lady troubles, and they’re not the kind that, as Stephen Colbert put it on Thursday’s “The Colbert Report,” can “be solved with a quarantine tent.”

According to an ABC/Washington Post poll, 63 percent of women have an “unfavorable” view of the GOP.

The damage is partly attributable to statements that certain Republicans such Rep. Todd Akin made about rape that women found insensitive or clueless. However, Colbert was still puzzled.

“I don’t get it,” Colbert said. “Over 90 percent of congressional Republicans are dudes. Ladies, it’s a sausage fest.”

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Colbert went on to cite reports that Republican leaders are getting coached on how to better relate to female voters.

“And it only makes sense that one of our top two political parties would need lessons on how to talk to the majority of the human race,” Colbert note.

Among the advice Republicans have received is to steer clear of referring to non-consensual sex as “legitimate rape,” such as Akin did at the expense of a possible Senate seat during the last election cycle.

Colbert weighed in with some advice of his own — avoid words like rape, legitimate and panties — and congregate in well-known female hangout spots such as women’s bathrooms. Above all, keep a cool head when approaching a female voter, the Comedy Central host cautioned.

“This is important, if she inflates her neck frill — run,” Colbert advised.

Watch the video: