Stephen Colbert Agrees Trump Is ‘The Picture of Health — Specifically the Before Picture’ | Video

The CBS host weighs in on disgraced ex-president’s latest weigh-in

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Stephen Colbert doesn’t buy the latest claims about how in-shape Donald Trump is, but in his monologue Tuesday, “The Late Show” host did concede that the disgraced former president is “the picture of health.”

“Specifically the before picture,” Colbert quipped.

The host got to the topic via news about the guy who defeated Trump in 2020, noting that President Joe Biden turned 81 on Monday. “He posted a picture of himself with his cake and,” Colbert said before feigning shock as the photo appeared onscreen, “sweetened balls of fire! Oh Joe, blow for your life, get out of there! How did the Secret Service let that happen?”

“One person that took the time to mark Biden’s birthday was Donald Trump,” Colbert continued, “who chose to celebrate by releasing a letter from his physician that Trump is ‘in excellent physical and mental health.’”

“Well, no, I mean, well sure,” Colbert said with heavy skepticism. “We all know Donald Trump is the picture of health. Specifically the before picture.”

“While the doctor claimed Trump’s body is humming right along, the letter contained no details to support claims. Of course, because doctors rarely go into detail. ‘I’m going write you a prescription for wouldn’t you like to know? Now enjoy your mystery pills, they’re yellow. Is it lemon?’” Colbert said, imitating Trump’s fictional diet.

Colbert ended the bit by casting doubt on one of the bigger claims in the reports of Trump’s latest check-up.

“[The] doctor also praised Trump’s recent weight loss, which he credited to improved diet and continued daily physical exercise,” Colbert said, side-eying the camera.

“So … Ozempic.”

Watch the clip below:

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