Colbert Jokes That Normally ‘You Have to Sign Up for DraftKings’ to Lose Money as Fast as Truth Social  | Video

“The Late Show” host looks at the rapid decline of Donald Trump’s failing Twitter clone

Stephen Colbert was gleeful on Tuesday’s episode of “The Late Show,” in which he covered the rapid decline of Donald Trump’s Twitter clone, Truth Social. It’s happened so fast, Colbert joked, the only thing that compares would be gambling addicts being looted by online gambling.

For those catching up, the right-wing social media channel’s parent company, Trump Media & Technology Group, has had a drastic drop in value since going public last month. So much so that on Tuesday, it dropped to below $3 billion, which temporarily knocked Trump off of Bloomberg’s list of the 500 richest people.

“Usually, to lose money that fast, you have to sign up for DraftKings,” Colbert joked.

“DraftKings,” Colbert continued, pressing home the joke about how online gambling is taking advantage of addicts and ruining lives: “She’ll come back once your parlay hits.”

“Truth Social says it’s numbers are just fine,” Colbert continued before explaining why he doesn’t trust this assessment. “But it doesn’t help to get those numbers from the actual accounting firm, BF Borgers. Not to be confused with the Bulgarian remake of ‘Bob’s Burgers.’”

Colbert noted that BF Borgers might not be on a level necessary for accuracy. “These number crunchers aren’t particularly good at numbers, because they’ve had a number of run-ins with a number of regulators, including a 100% deficiency rate in audits reviewed by a U.S. watchdog,” Colbert explained, accurately.

“And one of their best known previous clients is a mixed martial arts league called Lingerie Fighting Championships, Inc.,” Colbert quipped. “Lingerie fighting? Turns out Victoria’s Secret: She tore a dude’s throat out!”

Watch the full monologue at the top of the page.


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