Stephen King, JJ Abrams Are Developing an Anthology Series of ‘Tiny Horrors’

Duo have previously teamed up on projects including “Castle Rock” and Apple’s upcoming “Lisey’s Story”

stephen king jj abrams
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Stephen King and J.J. Abrams are developing a potential horror anthology series, the prolific author said Friday.

The comment came during a panel for their latest collaboration, the upcoming Apple TV+ series “Lisey’s Story.” Led by Julianne Moore, the series is an adaptation of King’s novel of the same name, with Bad Robot producing.

“I talked with JJ Abrams a lot about a possible anthology series of tiny horrors,” King said. “We got really down and dirty about it and talked about things that were really, really scary.”

King and Bad Robot have a long history as collaborators, dating back to the Hulu series “11.22.63” starring James Franco. Abrams is also an executive producer on the two-season anthology series “Castle Rock,” which is based on the shared universe of King’s writing.

“I’ve got a creative relationship with J.J. Abrams that goes back to ‘Lost,’ when Entertainment Weekly put us together and we had a talk about that show,” King said. “A bunch of us went out and saw a scary movie and I’ve been in touch with JJ since then.”

“They’ve got a great organization, and they give great Christmas presents at the end of the year,” he joked. “I love working with them. It’s been a great relationship.”


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