Fox News’ Steve Doocy Reveals Positive COVID Diagnosis

The “Fox & Friends” host returned from time away Thursday

Steve Doocy
Fox News Media

Fox News’ Steve Doocy said on Thursday’s “Fox & Friends” that he and his family — including network colleague and son Peter Doocy — got COVID-19 over the holidays.

“A lot of people trade gifts,” he said. We traded omicron. It pretty much went through our whole family.”

He noted that Peter Doocy will return to the White House Monday, and Steve’s wife Kathy, a cancer survivor who is immunocompromised, is “doing better.”

Doocy has been one of the most vocal pro-vaccine hosts on the network, appearing in Fox News’ PSA encouraging the jab and regularly bringing it up on the hit morning show.

He and co-host Brian Kilmeade have sparred over this advice in the past. In July, Doocy told viewers, “If you have the chance, get the shot. It will save your life.” Kilmeade cautioned that they are television hosts, not doctors, and he didn’t feel comfortable encouraging medical procedures.

They repeated the same spat in August.

In fact, they repeated it Thursday, too, after Doocy’s return to the show. Kilmeade decried being a “pincushion” for a booster dose and Doocy said flatly, “I trust the doctors. I trust the science.”

Fox News has, as of December, stopped allowing negative COVID tests in lieu of vaccination. All employees working in the company’s offices were informed they must received at least one dose by Dec. 27, 2021.