‘Fox and Friends’ Host Steve Doocy Shocked By Trump’s Handling of Top Secret Docs: ‘What Were They Doing in the Desk?’

The morning show host responded Wednesday to the DOJ’s filing and photo evidence


Though traditionally Team Trump, “Fox and Friends” co-host Steve Doocy was candidly shocked Wednesday in response to the Department of Justice’s revelatory Tuesday-night filing.

Said filing not only gave greater insight into the FBI’s raid of former president Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, but it provided photo evidence of the top secret documents found at that site.

“Can we go back and look at those documents on the floor?” Doocy asked his producer. “Keep in mind, according to the filing, the agents found three classified documents in Donald Trump’s desks,” Doocy said, clearly shocked. “What were they doing in the desk?! And when you look at these particular things right here, at least five yellow folders marked ‘Top Secret’ and another ‘Secret SCI’ – that stands for Sensitive Compartmentalized Information. These are the biggest secrets in the world!”

It’s a sobering response from a team of hosts who for years have stood by the twice-impeached former president’s side – and potentially an indication of where much of the Republican sentiment is heading in regards to Trump’s mounting scandals.

“We have heard that Donald Trump’s lawyers went through all the stuff,” Doocy continued, “but how could you go and look at that and not think: You know what? That’s probably something I should turn back over.”

While co-hosts Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade maintained the argument that Trump declassified the documents acquired in the raid, Doocy was also quick to point out that the presidential protocol of declassifying documents was not adhered to by the Trump administration.

“We do know that the agencies involved in those documents have said, you know, ‘Nobody ever told us they were declassified.’ There’s a protocol to do it, and apparently, if he thought that he was doing it, they didn’t do it right.”