‘Fox and Friends’: Brian Kilmeade Says FBI Trump Raid Proves Presidents Shouldn’t ‘Blindly Back the Blue’

The host railed against the FBI following the Mar-a-Lago search

Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade ranted against the FBI Tuesday morning on “Fox & Friends” in defense of former President Donald Trump, in the aftermath of the bureau’s raid on his Mar-a-Lago residence.

His comments were sparked by the retirement of FBI assistant special agent Timothy Thibault, who earlier this year was accused by Sen. Chuck Grassley of “improper conduct” in regards to the FBI’s investigation into President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden. Grassley alleged that Thibault had interfered in the probe in an effort to shut it down.

“This is the guy who is suppressing the Hunter Biden story that has direct financial links to the future president of the United States,” Kilmeade said. “How this guy is able to retire even though he was walked out in shame is unbelievable!”

Thibault resigned last week and was walked out of the FBI, though officials relayed to CBS News that all agents who retire are escorted out of the building. Regardless, Kilmeade included Thibault with FBI personnel Peter Strzok and Lisa Page — accused of holding bias against Trump — in his rant Tuesday morning.

“Put him with Lisa Page and all those others that, if you are President Trump, how can you back the FBI? How can you not question the sanctity of the raid? That’s why you don’t blindly black the blue,” Kilmeade said. “That’s why is law enforcement right or wrong? It means you have no credibility if everything you think they do is correct. It means when you praise them, it means nothing. And which is 99 percent of the time. But you are going to tell me that this guy had just one bad year and one candidate just drove him over the top, Donald Trump? I’m sure that his record is checkered with a lot of dicey stuff…Are we next?”

Kilmeade criticized the FBI’s handling of the Mar-a-Lago search, including director Christopher Wray. He also defended the critiques Trump has lobbed at the bureau since they moved to reclaim classified documents he was not authorized to keep with him after leaving the White House.

“If you are President Trump and you know what’s going on with six agents who should have been fired, resigned and living in disgrace, and now you find out this happens, and then you find out additional information leading up to the 2020 election, and you say to yourself ‘how can you trust anything?’ You do not blame him for wondering what is going on with the investigations and the scrutiny on him.”