Steve Martin Tweets Ignorance Over Claims of a ‘Father of the Bride’ Sequel

The actor said he’s unaware of another sequel, despite one blogger’s report

Steve Martin took to Twitter Monday claiming he hasn’t been approached to reprise his role as George Banks in “Father of the Bride 3,” despite a report from Nikki Finke that claims otherwise.

Finke wrote in a post on Sunday that “Disney and Warner Bros are sorting out the rights to ‘Father Of The Bride 3,’” before adding that Martin is slated to return with Charles Shyer writing and directing. Martin was as surprised as anyone about the news, he wrote on twitter.

Finke claims the next “Father of The Bride” will follow Little Matty, who is now gay and engaged to the son of a Navy SEAL.

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The titular father of “the bride” is a term that in this context, could be construed as offensive by some, has problems with the non-traditional pairing, and a madcap family comedy presumably ensues.

While Martin’s tweet calls into question the veracity of Finke’s article, it’s unlikely he would have received an offer, or even seen a script, if it hasn’t been written yet since the rights deal hasn’t closed.