Steven Spielberg Working on Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon Project

The "Lincoln" director tells a French network that he wants to turn Stanley Kubrick's script about Napoleon into a TV miniseries

Last Updated: March 3, 2013 @ 3:03 PM

Could Napoleon be next up to get the “Lincoln" treatment from Steven Spielberg?

The director said in a weekend interview with French TV network Canal Plus that he was “developing Stanley Kubrick's screenplay — for a miniseries not for a motion picture — about the life of Napoleon. Kubrick wrote the script in 1961, a long time ago," according to IndieWire.

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That was it for details, and there was no word Sunday from the director's camp, so it's unclear whether the project is on a front or back burner. What is known is that Spielberg has plenty going on, and that he'll be spending more time in France. He was recently selected as the jury president for this year's Cannes Film Festival, he's producing "Jurassic Park IV" for a 2014 release and he and “Band of Brothers” colleague Tom Hanks are working on another World War II miniseries for HBO.

In the 1960s, Kubrick did a great deal of work in preparation for a film on the exiled French emperor, but was unable to convince MGM or United Artists to go ahead with the project.

If Spielberg does go forward with the project, it will be the second time he's finished up a Kubrick project. He took on the sci-fi thriller “A.I. Artificial Intelligence” and turned that into a feature film in 2001 in the wake of Kubrick's death in 1999.