Steven Tyler Crashes Live CNN Snow Report, Warns Viewers to ‘Stay Home’ (Video)

Aerosmith frontman complains, “The weather is terrible”

Steven Tyler is no meteorologist, but he knows enough about Winter Storm Jonas to warn New Yorkers to “stay home.”

The Aerosmith frontman ignored his own advice and ventured outside Saturday as CNN’s Poppy Harlow did a live report on the deadly blizzard, which has crippled the East Coast.

Joined by his daughter Mia Tyler, the rocker stopped to chat with Harlow on live TV.

“I’m down here to see my daughters and grandson Milo,” Boston-based Tyler told Harlow, after being asked what he was doing in New York in the middle of the storm.

He then made sure to give his grandson a shout-out, saying: “How you doing, Milo!”

Tyler went on to complain “the weather is terrible,” and added that because of all the flight cancellations, he probably wouldn’t be flying out of New York anytime soon.

“I got a funny feeling the storm is going to keep us here a couple extra days,” he said.

Tyler, who was bundled up in a hat, scarf, gloves and heavy winter jacket, then proceeded to dispense a little safety advice to viewers, telling them to “stay home” and drink “hot chocolate.”

Watch the video above.