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Toni Collette Leads a Risky Mission to Mars in ‘Stowaway’ Trailer (Video)

Anna Kendrick, Daniel Dae Kim and Shamier Anderson co-star in the Netflix sci-fi releasing April 22

In the new sci-fi drama “Stowaway,” Toni Colette commands a small crew of four people leading a two-year mission to Mars in hopes of one day colonizing the planet. The only problem is, she knows only three of the four will be able to survive.

“Stowaway” launches on Netflix next month, and it’s the story of an unintended stowaway who finds himself aboard a shuttle to Mars, stuck away from his family for two years. But when he accidentally causes severe damage to the ship’s life support systems, the crew realizes they only have enough oxygen for three people to survive, leading the crew to make the tough choice of turning back and sacrificing their goal or putting someone’s life in danger.

“For their sanity, they need to try this,” Collette says in the trailer. “It’s imperative that we try.”

Starring alongside Collette are Anna Kendrick, Daniel Dae Kim and Shamier Anderson as the film’s reluctant stowaway who is looking to learn how to be an astronaut literally on the fly.

Joe Penna, who directed the survival thriller “Arctic” with Mads Mikkelsen from 2018, directs and co-wrote “Stowaway” along with Ryan Morrison.

“Stowaway” will release on Netflix on April 22. Check out the trailer for the film here and above.