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How to Watch the Secret ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Volume 2 Teaser

If you’ve already binged the first seven episodes, you’re in for a treat

Note: This article contains major spoilers for “Stranger Things 4” Volume 1.

Already binged the first seven episodes of “Stranger Things” Season 4 Part 1? Not to worry: As we count down the days (35 to be exact) between Volume 1 and Volume 2’s release, viewers are in for a treat in the form of a 30-second-long teaser trailer for the second installment, which they can watch after completing Part 1. But it’s not exactly easy to find.

A sort of post-credits scene, the clip comes after Netflix’s dubbing information and previews automatically for watchers, taking you to a different screen entirely rather than playing as part of the episode’s runtime.

In the brief teaser, Vecna’s voice can be heard saying, “It’s over, Eleven. You have freed me. You can’t stop this now.”

What follows is a plethora of second-long stills of chaos, showing Vecna’s continued mayhem, a reunion between Hopper (David Harbour) and the rest of the squad in Hawkins and what looks to be a sinister, mysterious shape-shifting substance in a large container.

The final episode of “Stranger Things 4” Volume 1, titled “The Massacre at Hawkins Lab,” revealed Vecna’s origin story as Victor Creel’s disturbed son, Henry. During his childhood at the Creel House, his family believed they were being haunted by a demonic entity; however, it was Henry (the older version of which is played by “Twilight’s” Jamie Campbell Bower) all along, whose monstrosities (i.e. bone-breaking and eye-gouging activities) resulted in the framing of his father (Robert Englund), now in prison for his alleged crimes. 


Since then, Henry has posed as Peter Ballard, an orderly at Dr. Brenner’s earlier facility, and the domineering doctor’s original pet project, 001. While he already possessed preternatural powers, his abilities were hampered by a microchip installed by Brenner. In the flashbacks made possible by the memory-charged Nina Project, El (a de-aged Millie Bobby Brown) removes it, unwittingly allowing his evil to be unleashed. In a final confrontation — after it’s shown that he, in fact, killed all of Eleven’s peers and the facility’s guards — El banishes him with her powers, as well as inadvertently creates Vecna and the original Upside Down rift.

Whew, now that’s a cliffhanger! Episodes 8 and 9, the latter of which will be more than two hours long, will premiere on Netflix July 1.

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