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Streaker Posing as Referee Sparks Bench-Clearing Brawl at UCLA-Arizona Game (Video)

Fake referee strips down to skivvies; chaos, hilarity ensue

If you're playing college football and the referee starts streaking, it's a sure sign of apocalypse — so you may as well beat the tar out of the opposing team.

That seems to be the logic behind a bench-clearing brawl between UCLA and the University of Arizona Thursday after a man posing as a referee started streaking across the field.

The man was one of those considerate streakers who stops at his skivvies. Or maybe he only stopped because of the flawless tackle by security. The streaking, the brawl, pride in Arizona's crack security staff or a combination of the three led to chants of "U of A! U of A!"

A YouTube video of the incident identfies the streaker as Arizona student Jacen Lankow, and the poster would seem in a position to know: Gawker identifies him as Josh Lankow.

Here's video of the streaking (SFW)…

And the brawl (even more SFW):