Paramount+ Tops in U.S. Subscriber Growth in 2021, Streaming Report Says | Charts

The Super Bowl drove the most one-day sign-ups, according to Antenna’s annual report

Paramount+ boasted 27 million sign-ups in the U.S. in 2021, outdistancing all other streamers, according to Antenna’s Year in Streaming Report.

Paramount+ did have the advantage of replacing CBS All Access, which first launched in 2014. “They’ve had a really good head start, with regards to user base and data,” media analyst Evan Shapiro, founder of ESHAP, noted.

Premium SVOD Sign-ups 2021 chart (Antenna)

CBS All Access/Paramount+ saw an enormous surge in sign-ups — over 5 million of its total haul — around major content moments, such as the Super Bowl. According to Antenna, more than 750,000 people signed up for CBS All Access on Super Bowl Sunday (Feb.