Stripper Who Exchanged DMs With Cory Booker Blasts Media Response

Lynsie Lee speaks out about her innocuous message exchange with the Senate candidate

The “vegan stripper” who exchanged direct messages with Cory Booker on Twitter unleashed her indignation, calling out the media for paying so much attention to a “non-scandal” and singling out Gawker for its “puritanical bullshit.”

In a guest column on Mediaite, Lynsie Lee (who is not a “vegan stripper,” as she’s often been called, but a stripper at a vegan strip club) blasted the media that rushed to report on her Twitter habits.

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“At midnight, calls and emails start pouring in from reporters. It was surreal. How could something so simple be seen as a scandal? Oh wait, I’m a stripper and nude model (how dare someone flirt with my kind!). More importantly, how did they get my telephone number??”

Lee’s rant was meant for the media as a whole, but she did single one publication out for criticism: “Gawker released a story about the friends I met up with in New York, targeting one of them who seems to be a big deal in social media there.”

“That really pissed me off. The article basically implied that since I am a stripper, anybody I associate with is a bad person, especially men … So, fuck you, Gawker and your puritanical bullshit.”

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She also revealed that she is in possession of “Nightline’s” mini-cam, which the ABC show sent to her to film her daily life and thoughts for a possible segment: “After the government shutdown (real news), [Nightline] postponed, and will probably not come at this point. But I still have this mini-cam, so maybe I did get some milk from the teat of this non-scandal?”

Lee did have kind words for at least one media outlet: “I shot for ‘Hustler’ in August and once the news hit, they decided to give me a bigger spread; which is awesome.”