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Studio Report Card: Big Year Abroad Drives Record Revenue for Warner Bros.

With all-time-best $2.45B in international receipts, studio broke its own 2009 global revenue mark with $4.83B

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Warner Bros.
Grade: A
Once again, No. 1 in market share, finishing out the year with a bang that included yet another "Harry Potter" hit.

Driven by the monster international box-office performances of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1," "Inception" and "Clash of the Titans," it was another record-breaking year theatrically for Warner, which shattered both international and global marks.

And it didn't just break those records — it blew them up.

Grossing a projected $2.94 billion in the foreign market, Warner beat Fox's $2.45 billion mark, set only last year.

Meanwhile, the studio shattered its own global revenue mark of $4.01 billion — also set last year — with a forecasted full-year gross of $4.83 billion.

Warner Bros. was also the leader in domestic market share for the third straight year, with $1.89 billion in projected revenue.

"We had movies that played huge internationally, and that was the big difference for us this year," Warner co-president Jeffrey Robinov told TheWrap, adding that 2009 fourth-quarter titles including "Sherlock Holmes" — which saw the bulk of its $314 million in overseas gross happen in 2010 — contributed to this year's tally.

Releasing 22 movies in 2010, more than any other studio, Warner also endured its share of flightless birds at the box office, with "Cop Out," "The Losers," "Hereafter" and — most infamously — "Jonah Hex" all floundering.

Going forward, Robinov said the studio will look to release a slightly lower volume of movies … not that  Warner seems all that ready to implement that strategy, with more than 20 films queued up for 2011 release, including the final "Harry Potter," Ryan Reynolds tentpole "The Green Lantern," and sequels to "The Hangover,"  "Final Destination," "Happy Feet" and "Sherlock Holmes."

As for 2010, Robinov said the studio is particularly proud of Christopher Nolan's "Inception," which delivered the rare combination of critical praise and box-office punch.

"It was a big movie that defintely wasn't cheap," he said. "But what (Nolan) did with it, in terms of delivering an artistic and commercial movie, it's sort of why you do this job."