What’s Next on ‘Succession’ Season 3? Kendall Might Be Trying to Literally Kill Logan (Video)

“F— off, kiddo”

R.I.P., L to the O-G? If Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) gets his way, maybe. In HBO’s “weeks ahead” preview video for the recently returned “Succession,” Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin) repeatedly accuses Ken of trying to kill their dad, Logan (Brian Cox). Like, so much so that he may have literally tried to murder the old man.

Of course, Logan isn’t the type to go down easy.

“I’m gonna jam a Montblanc down his f—ing throat,” he pushes back. For the uninitiated, Montblanc makes really, really fancy pens.

He’s also got Shiv (Sarah Snook) watching his back. And even Connor (Alan Ruck) might be getting a bit aggressive on his pop’s behalf.

Elsewhere, Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) and Greg (Nicholas Braun) are up to their old ways. At one point in the preview, Tom suggests Greg “crawl into an animal’s corpse and hide,” “The Revenant”-style.

Yes, Logan is on to you, cuz.

Beyond those antics, Gerri (J. Smith-Cameron) is verbally threatening Roman, and you can imagine exactly how that’s actually affecting that sicko. Oh, and the FBI is downstairs — and they’re the “ones who don’t f— off,” as Gerri puts it to Logan.

Watch the teaser via the video above.

Season 3 began Sunday right where Season 2 ended: Logan is fighting back against the ultimate betrayal, one he saw coming a mile away. Kendall is currently attempting a (very) hostile takeover of his dad’s company Waystar Royco. While the family patriarch may ultimately welcome being ruthlessly overthrown — even in a publicly humiliating fashion — Logan is currently quite peeved about his son’s sudden maneuver.

And “Succession” star Cox might be just as angry.

“He gets a lot of sympathy, like poor Kendall, poor misbegotten Kendall — but he does behave like an asshole,” Cox told TheWrap in our conversation about the “Succession” Season 3 premiere.

During Sunday’s third-season opener, titled “Secession,” Logan decides to step back (in title, at least) from his CEO role following Kendall’s betrayal, and a lot of consideration is given to who will take over for him in the interim, with Roman at first appearing to be a real contender for the gig. That is, until a fairly awkward father-son phone call blows that opportunity.

Immediately after the call wraps, Logan declares that Roman is “out.” We asked Cox to explain what, specifically, about that conversation killed Roman’s chances. “It’s just another way of putting him on hold,” Cox told us of the scene. “I think he’s got a lot of confidence in Roman in many ways.”

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“Succession” episodes air at 9 p.m. Sundays on HBO.